Compliance check

Conducting an ergonomics compliance check for different service actions of a machine

A customer requested a compliance check on service actions to inform future design improvements. Our team evaluated these actions from the operator’s perspective, created detailed instructions, and tested compliance. In four months, we produced a comprehensive document to guide future design enhancements and ensure ergonomics compliance.

About the project

Upon completion of a product, the customer requested a compliance check on different service actions. Although no alterations were to be made to the finished product, the findings from the compliance check would improve future procedures and designs.

The task

Working alongside our industrial engineers, we collaborated directly with the customer’s architect and project lead. The project lead outlined the areas for analysis, and we closely coordinated with other supporting teams. Our analysis focused on evaluating service actions within a specific machine part from the operator’s perspective. We assessed their capabilities and limitations, drafting detailed instructions and illustrations to guide them. These instructions ranged from ensuring proper lifting techniques to facilitating safe and efficient access to service actions. Our procedures prioritized compliance and operator safety.

Using numerous illustrations and a 3D CAD Model System, we rigorously tested compliance to mitigate human error. For instance, we simulated scenarios where operators needed to remove specific parts and access certain areas. Our checks included detailed calculations such as hand-to-part distance.

Moreover, we reviewed documentation for necessary revisions and recommended adjustments, including potential additions to the operator team or the development of new tools. We also provided design recommendations for future implementations. With a well-defined timeline, the project was successfully completed within four months, meeting all deliverables.

The result

Through close collaboration with the client, we received clear instructions on the areas to be assessed and relevant details. Leveraging this input, we processed the information to produce a comprehensive compliant document as the final outcome.