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With the WEB Consultancy services, our engineers offer their expertise across various fields. From problem-solving to enhancing performance, our engineers can assist with the right experience, knowledge, and skills.

Personalized approach to achieve the best solutions.

Our WEB consultancy lines can help you find the solution that you need. Whether you are looking for an engineer with a particular area of expertise or require extra hands on board, we can find the solution that you are looking for.

We have a team of readily available experts.

Finding the right expert with the expertise you are looking for is already a challenge. However, finding an expert who also suits your company culture is another. That is why we work directly with you to understand your needs that is the perfect addition to your team. At WEB, we already have a diverse pool of candidates to consider with over 350 professionals. We can also search for the ideal candidate on your behalf.

You can expect regular updates on your search for the right candidate.

Our business managers will be in frequent contact with you to ensure that you are fully aware of all the candidates we propose as well as their status.

We take care of the entire hiring process.

While our recruiters and business managers find the right match for you, you can resume your business operations as usual. We also take care of other practicalities, so that our engineers have everything in place to get started and make a difference.

We take over relocation services for international candidates.

Should the candidate be located abroad, then we take care of the entire relocation procedure as well. From finding suitable housing to other practicalities such as arranging social security numbers and work permits, we assist our engineers such that they have everything they need to start on your project as smoothly as possible.

We have active field management services.

As engineers of WEB, it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of our engineers. That is why our field managers regularly perform checks to ensure that both engineers and hiring managers are satisfied with our services. While we focus on the professional and personal guidance of our engineers, you can focus on your business operations.

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For specific outsourcing inquiries or projects, contact one of our business managers.


Why choose WEB?

Flexible towards ongoing changes to the scope of work

Delivering the right knowledge, expertise and solutions

Unburdening of finding the right experts yourself

Short lines of communication

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Knowledge bank

Curious to know more? For more information, you can visit our knowledge bank. You will find many useful topics that can shed some light on for example the relocation process, living in the Netherlands, and much more.


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What is the difference between the Project and Consultancy team?

Projects: At WEB, our team of specialists develop quality solutions by working remotely on projects for our customers. WEB executes the work stated in the Statement of Work. The agreement is then made based on deliverables and the defined scope of the project.

Consultancy: If you, for example, require specific expertise, then our Consultancy line may offer you the right solution instead. Hereby we deploy our staff to the customer to execute in-house projects.

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