I’m Danny and in August 2021 I joined WEB as Business Unit Manager Projects. In this role I’m managing everything related to the project office varying from order intake to project execution and the development of the people in the unit. With the team we’re going to make sure the project office grows in a sustainable way. Fortunately my colleagues have already set a strong foundation to further build on. I’ve felt at home since day 1, because with my personal motto “Fast & Curious” I feel a strong connection to the working culture at WEB: We are ambitious and will work hard and act fast to make sure we win the opportunities given to us. On the other hand we are curious to learn new things, without being fearful to fail in the process. And – just as important – we understand the value of having fun. When I’m not working I like to spend time with family and friends, travel, go out for dinner and drinks and work-out to compensate for that. If you’re curious about our ambitions and how we are going to make it happen or if you want to work with us or for us, feel free to contact me.

Danny Thönissen

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