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Industrial Engineer

Expand your career as an industrial engineer at WEB! Not only do you get to join a dynamic international community, but you also get the chance to work on exciting high-tech assignments using the latest technology. In this role, you are responsible for developing and optimizing assembly and service processes for our customers, whilst leveraging your expertise to ensure that our customers achieve the highest levels of quality and safety in their products.

Full time

Job description

As an industrial engineer at WEB, you play a crucial role in developing and optimizing assembly and service processes for our customers. In this position, you will leverage your expertise to ensure that our customers achieve the highest levels of quality and safety in their products. Your responsibilities include analyzing existing processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing innovative solutions.

In close collaboration with various departments such as Design, Factory, Logistics, and Customer Support, you will ensure that all aspects of production and service processes are well-integrated and aligned with our customers’ needs. From our office in Porto, you will be working with international high-tech companies located in the Netherlands. In addition, you:

  • Take responsibility for creating, updating, and reviewing technical documentation for different stakeholders (e.g. Industrial Engineering, Design, Supply Chain, Production Support, and Customer Support).
  • Are capable of writing, updating, reviewing, and testing work instructions for and with factory operators and field service engineers (diagnostics, replacement, and recovery actions).
  • Strive for continuous improvement by reviewing, testing, troubleshooting, and incorporating lessons learned into product improvements.
  • Provide support both remotely and on-site at the request of our customers.

Your qualifications

You are an industrial engineer located in Porto seeking your next challenge. You enjoy working in an international team on complex high-tech assignments. You are proactive and demonstrate solid communication skills. You are an adaptable team player with a keen eye for detail.

Specifically, you have:

  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial engineering, or any other related field.
  • Proven excellent fluent communication skills in English, written + verbal.

About WEB

We are a Dutch company located in the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands, Eindhoven. With more than 100 colleagues in the Projects Unit of WEB (Porto and Eindhoven), we support OEM’s in the Brainport region with the industrialization of their high-tech modules and systems. The Project Unit of WEB consists of industrialization engineers, technical authors, project leaders, team leaders, and competence leaders. With a thorough understanding of the products, tools, and processes, our Project Unit aims to support our clients efficiently. The unit has an international character with engineers from across the globe and has grown considerably since its establishment in 2020. With exciting opportunities ahead of us, we are far from finished!

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