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Herve Kolony
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Herve Kolony
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Tell me something about yourself

I was born and raised in Congo, and in 2005, my family relocated to South Africa. There, I completed my high school education and pursued tertiary studies in Industrial Engineering.
Following graduation, I joined a dairy company in Cape Town as a manufacturing facilitator. In this role, I lead various Lean and Kaizen projects aimed at optimizing production efficiency and minimizing waste across the manufacturing lines. Afterwards, I assumed the position of interim production manager, where I was responsible for coordinating schedules and ensuring seamless day-to-day operations.

In 2013, I relocated to a small town called Worcester. There, I continued my work as an Industrial Engineer, this time in the automotive manufacturing sector. I embarked on multiple Kaizen projects, initially focusing on optimizing the supply chain department to ensure a smooth and consistent flow of parts to and from sub-assembly cells. Later, I transitioned to the process development department, where I contributed to the design of a new manufacturing assembly line with robotic welding cells. Subsequently, I became involved in New Product Introduction (NPI) and focused on process improvements to ensure both quality and continuous production flow.

In late 2018, I joined a consulting firm back in Cape Town as Senior Industrial Engineer, serving another automotive manufacturing client in the USA with their industrialization needs, developing and maintaining assembly process documentation.

How did you get to WEB?

In early 2022, WEB reached out to me regarding a potential position. Initially, I was considered for a role with a specific client, but ultimately, the team decided that my skills were better suited for their Projects team. Following a series of interviews, I was offered a position and joined WEB Projects later that year.

What was it like for you to come to the Netherlands?

It was quite nerve-wracking. If I were alone, it would have been straightforward, but with a wife and two kids, it was a significant move. Although exciting, it wasn’t easy to wrap up and leave. However, WEB gave me the confidence and certainty that I needed. My family joined me six months after I started at WEB.

What cultural changes did you experience?

It was somewhat of a cultural shock, but I’ve always been accustomed to changing environments. I lived in Congo until the age of 10, then moved to different towns. At 14, I relocated to Angola, and later to South Africa. Growing up exposed to diverse cultures, I learned to adapt easily to new environments. Moving to the Netherlands, although different from South Africa in terms of lifestyle, was relatively easy for me to adjust to.

What were your initial impressions when you joined WEB?

When I joined WEB, I found it exciting to be part of a start-up providing consultancy services to a key player in the high-tech sector. Witnessing this as our starting point, I believed it was only a matter of time before more customers would join us.

I enjoy working on various projects for different clients. It allows me to leverage my skills and knowledge where they are most suited, while also affording me the chance to engage with multiple projects and clients. The dynamic environment at WEB enables me to continuously broaden my expertise and expand my understanding of both what I know and what I have yet to learn.

What do you do at WEB?

I started as a Senior Industrial in WEB Projects. Recently, I transitioned to a new assignment with a different client while also assuming the role of team lead. With WEB experiencing continuous growth, my focus as an industrial engineer is gradually shifting towards ensuring adequate manpower and readiness to best serve our clients. This shift in focus also presents opportunities for further growth within this new leadership role.

What has been your highlight at WEB so far?

My highlight is serving as a role model and team leader, where I share my knowledge with team members while helping solve client problems. While I enjoy diving hands-on myself, I find fulfillment in training and guiding others, making a positive impact on their growth and motivation. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and contribute meaningfully to our team and clients.

What are the strongest points about WEB to you?

The strongest points are connectedness and openness, and if I must choose a third, one, I will say how easy it is to adapt. With a diverse team, it felt effortless to get used to WEB. It was a very smooth transition to a welcoming environment. You don’t feel left out, and we’re all connected.

What advice would you give to new joiners?

When you join WEB, embrace the diverse and dynamic environment. With the rapid growth seen so far, be flexible and prepared to collaborate on multiple projects with like-minded engineers, stay eager to learn while keeping your career trajectory open to new possibilities.

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