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Javier Prieto
Civil Engineer

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a 29-year-old Spanish guy who likes technology and informatics. Although I am a Civil Engineer, I worked in the Aerospace sector for 3 years. I like programming and photography and I see myself as a foodie. I love traveling as well, even more if I combine it with photography, food and a nice cup of coffee!

Where are your roots?

Spanish, born and raised.

Tell us about your trip to the Netherlands

I remember the time that went on between the day I was hired by WEB and the day I took the flight passed really fast. I was very nervous about what I would find and leaving my life behind in my country. It is not possible to pack your whole life in a pair of suitcases, but I knew I had to try my best. Once I landed in The Netherlands, I remember it was sunny, so I was surprised by that, as everyone told me the weather was terrible. Also, I remember being scared because of the COVID situation, but I remember I was very excited, and first thing I did after unpacking was buying a bike!

What is living in the Netherlands like?

As a European, for me, there were not many cultural shocks, but still, you encounter with some, as every country has its own differences. Coming from a southern country, I found it hard to get used to the (almost) constant rain and cloudiness and also to the Dutch food and the fact that Dutch people are very direct.

However, there are many positive points as well: using the bike is safe and the better way to commute, which is especially enjoyable when the weather is nice! Besides, the canals and Dutch architecture are superb, as well as the many festivals here and the amount of expats makes you get to know people from all over the globe.

What made you choose for WEB Eindhoven?

WEB Eindhoven offered me the opportunity to be part of the high-tech industry while being in a friendly and caring environment. Since the beginning, I felt I was not alone even through I came to NL on my own, thanks to WEB.

What is your role in your current job?

Technical Author at D&E (Development & Engineering) department (EUV; Extreme Ultraviolet).

Tell us what you are most proud of?

I am personally proud of having taken the decision of getting out of my comfort zone and take the step to live abroad and take new risks and challenges. I am proud of how I am developing myself as an individual and also of working in the high-tech sector, one of the most important fields nowadays. In summary, the personal growth I am having here is huge.

Do you have any advice or tips for our readers about living in the Netherlands?

Be patient at the beginning with all the arrangements (BSN, bank account, transport card, etc.). Get a bike as soon as possible, either a rent bike or a personal one, you will not regret making that decision.

Go to WEB events, you will get to know many people and have nice drinks. The atmosphere is nice so you will enjoy and make friends there! Under no circumstances should you miss the summer and Winter party.

Take your public transport card to use the train and travel throughout the country. There are many places to visit out there!

Finally, but not least, buy a good raincoat if you do not have any.

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