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Tiago Ferreira
Team Lead

Tell me something about your background

I was born and raised in Mozambique. I came to Portugal when I was 18, with the goal of studying architecture. Eventually, I changed to mining engineering because at that time there was a boom in lots of minerals being discovered so I initially planned to complete my degree and go back to Mozambique. The course went well, and I was offered a job in the south of Portugal.

I worked in a mining company for some years. Two weeks into the job, I was made supervisor of a team of 40 miners. This responsibility was a good challenge. Then came COVID and being isolated I began to reflect on what was important to me. I started looking into possibilities to come back to Porto and came across a job vacancy at WEB.

What were your first thoughts when you joined WEB?

At that time, my first reaction was that my background wasn’t in software because I thought it was an IT job. I went to the interview and understood that WEB wasn’t what I expected at all. I hadn’t heard of their clients before, so it was a big eye-opener at that time. It was a different field, and I was already hooked and motivated to start.

Coming from a mining company with 1500 employees to becoming the third person to join the team in Porto, was quite a change. At that time the onboarding process, the information, and the buddy system weren’t what it’s like now. But I had a positive mindset and was proactive. The company was small, but I knew I could make more of a difference here than in a company with 1500 people.

What made you want to join WEB?

For me, it was about making a difference and having my voice and opinion heard. I had my interview with Sjors, and for us in Portugal, it’s not common to directly have contact with the CEO, CFO or managers. That was also very reassuring. It was a very honest and direct conversation which gave me confidence. But the initial push was that I was a drop in the ocean in my previous job, now I could make a difference and try to build something.

How do you experience the culture of WEB?

The culture was very good, the mindset was something that I had never experienced before in my professional career. It’s a culture that focuses on the person, their personal growth, and happiness. It’s not only about the deliverables but also about you as a person, which is very different than in Portugal. I came from a company that had a hierarchical structure with a lot of emphasis on the mining, the production department, and safety when working in the mine so there wasn’t a lot of focus on the people. At WEB I saw a good shift in that mindset.

What do you think are the strongest aspects of WEB?

We focus on people and create opportunities for people to grow. I see that people can grow faster and better at WEB compared to other companies because you can make a difference.

I like to think of WEB Porto that we don’t discriminate based on gender, or religion, and if you’ve been at WEB for one year or five years, your opinion matters. We also have a good support system, so if you ever need help, you will find the right person who can help you.

Where would you like to see WEB in 5 years?

I would like to see WEB become the leader in the market. Form a business perspective, I would like a client to think of WEB if they want a job to be done fast with the best quality. Also, for people, I want them to see WEB as the best employer that can satisfy their needs. I would like to see that WEB is recognized for the growth it invests in its employees and client satisfaction.

What piece of advice would you give new joiners?

You can expect a good challenge for you. We have an open culture, and we help people not only from the technical side and growth but also in their personal development. It can be a good option to grow in competence and as a professional. I think if a person is a junior, I would say that it’s a good work culture and environment to start your career.

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