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Veronica Schmitter
Technical Author

Tell me something about your background

I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal. I got an opportunity to be a sales representative for the pharmaceutical industry, which I did for 15 years. After that, I worked in the real estate market, and I worked as a freelance translator doing jobs for the European Union. I also had a talk show which was also very interesting.

When I was 37 years old, I had three little children at the time, so I decided to go back to university and update my diploma. I did a master’s and two post-graduates. It was a wonderful experience. When I left university in 2001, we used dictionaries on paper, we had type machines to do the translations and in 2013 when I went back to university, there was the internet, software, and so many other tools available.

How did you get to WEB?

I got the chance to work at WEB when I was still finishing my last postgraduate in technical communication. I received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter, who told me that there was a job position for a technical writer in Porto. I was still studying for my diploma, but I was told that that wasn’t a problem and that I could contact WEB once I was done. When I did, I had my first interview with Sjors. I really liked the position, and they liked me, which is why I am here.

What do you do at WEB?

I work for the semiconductor industry and review documents. I write procedures and illustrations to add to those procedures. I work closely with industrial engineers, which is very important in WEB. I know other technical writers who have difficulties talking to the ME’s because they don’t realize or understand the importance of our job but that’s not the case in WEB and our client. We are very accountable for the job to be done so they really respect us. I think it is very important within WEB and our clients.

What was your initial impression when joining WEB?

My team was very supportive, working with them was very smooth and it went really well. They gave me the support that I needed. The first two months were mainly doing training and getting familiar with the software, but I think it went well for me. With all the industrial engineers and technical authors, it’s been a very supportive environment. I have nothing to say that is not positive.

What advice would you give new joiners?

They can expect that you’ll always receive support from people whenever asked. We are united as a team, also whenever you visit Eindhoven it’s very nice. It’s very light, the food, the games and the lunchtime, it’s all very nice.

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