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Victor de Jong

Tell me something about yourself

I used to work in hospitality as a part-time job next to my studies in Business Innovation. I realized that I wanted to work with people, but more on a professional level. That’s when got in touch with WEB. As a recruiter, it’s a very communicative job and it allows me to talk to people and discover opportunities together.

Why did you choose WEB?

The international environment was very appealing to me. I wasn’t aware of this business until someone approached me for this job. It was only then that I discovered what a huge world it is. The personal growth also appealed to me. WEB is growing and every year more and more people are joining, also in terms of customers. I saw an opportunity for myself to become part of this growth within the company.

What does your day-to-day look like?

In the morning we start with a meeting with the automotive team to discuss and communicate what we plan to do. Once we set the goals for that day, we get them done by searching for the correct profiles, reaching out to the engineers, and planning conversations to make sure we have a good match with the job description.

What can candidates expect from you as a recruiter?

The way I do my conversations is very relaxed. This is something I make very clear when I have a conversation with candidates, especially when they are a little nervous. I always say that I am there to help you, so just relax, lay back, tell me what you did in your career and who you are as a person. Just walk me through your story, it’s nothing more than that. It only helps me understand better what you are doing and how I can help you.

What do you think that WEB’s added benefit is?

Well, we guide candidates throughout the entire hiring process. It’s more than just arranging a job. From step A to B, to for example helping with the housing situation and visa processes, we basically help with everything until the last step. We have a dedicated department that helps to attain the right quality of life whereby candidates never have to do anything alone. The colleagues are also very friendly and they are all willing to go that extra mile. It’s that little bit of extra besides finding the job that is our winning factor.

What do you enjoy most about being part of WEB?

WEB is expanding and being part of that growth together with like-minded people is very motivating. Everybody has a similar mindset, and to contribute to the bigger picture as part of a collective is very rewarding.

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