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Our way of working

Together with experienced engineers, project leads, technical authors, and more, we define, align, and monitor projects with our customers. We ensure that the right documentation and demos are provided while monitoring performance to deliver quality packages to our customers.

Step 1

Together with our customers, we research and establish the work that must be completed.

Step 2

WEB provides input throughout the design phase so that developments are manufacturable.

Step 3

We constantly iterate and test on new prototypes to ensure that innovations are of the highest quality.

Step 4

WEB ensures that knowledge is accurately documented and transferred to our customers.

Step 5

WEB is responsible for integrating new product introductions while working on continuous improvements.

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Flexible towards ongoing changes to SOW’s

Increase productivity by offloading workload

Increase predictability on costs and time

Top tier supplier within the Brainport region

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Curious to know more? For more information, you can visit our knowledge bank. You will find many useful topics that can shed some light on for example the relocation process, living in the Netherlands, and much more.


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What is the difference between the Project and Consultancy team?

Projects: At WEB, our team of specialists develop quality solutions by working remotely on projects for our customers. WEB executes the work stated in the Statement of Work. The agreement is then made based on deliverables and the defined scope of the project.

Consultancy: If you, for example, require specific expertise, then our Consultancy line may offer you the right solution instead. Hereby we deploy our staff to the customer to execute in-house projects.

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