Production optimisation

Optimizing the production process of cable slabs

We optimized the production process of cable slabs to boost a client’s machine throughput. By dividing the assembly process, using 3D models, and collaborating with stakeholders, we developed and refined instructions, resulting in a streamlined and efficient production procedure.

About the project

One of our clients needed to boost the throughput of a machine, which meant redesigning a specific module. Our mission was to improve the assembly process of a complex mechatronic module, specifically for the cable slab.

The issue

Unfortunately, the new assembly resulted in issues because of the new electric power cables and cooling hoses that were required. This meant we had to optimize the production process of the cable slabs. On top of that, the customer didn’t have the capacity to manage the redesign and lacked a step-by-step procedure.


With a team of WEB project engineers, we divided the entire assembly process. We investigated if we could work with sub-assemblies so that we could reduce the amount of time needed to create the entire module. Our team of WEB project engineers stepped in and broke down the entire assembly process. We looked into using sub-assemblies to cut down the time needed to create the whole module.

To create the instructions, we used 3D models and made regular visits to the factory to ensure we had the correct information. These instructions were then reviewed by factory engineers and operators. We took all their feedback into account, which led to the release of a new and improved procedure for the customer.

To make a solid product, you need the right procedures in place. Our team helped ensure that everyone in the department, from low to high complexity, was able to follow the procedures that we developed. With our help, we were able to fine-tune the process and optimize the production process.