How can I apply to WEB?

You can upload your CV or contact one of our recruiters directly. You will have an initial intake with one of our recruiters, followed by an interview with our business managers.

Which sectors do you operate in?

We offer our services in a variety of sectors. These include Automotive engineering, Chemical & Life science, Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering, Project Design, IT & IT Design, Mechanical engineering, and Software engineering.

What can I expect from the work culture at WEB?

At WEB, you can expect a diverse work culture. With over 350 employees that represent more than 42 nationalities, we foster an international environment that is open and inclusive to all.

What can I expect from the WEB community?

At WEB, our community is key. Once you join the WEB community, you can expect an onboarding program that will help you get acquainted and integrated. We also have various events to look forward to, such as summer and winter parties, weekly drinks, and regular get-togethers and meet-ups.