My name is Mike Koopmanschap. I am Business Manager Automotive at WEB Eindhoven. Together with Tijmen, Stephanie, Victor, and Fleur, our goal is to create and find new opportunities for you, all automotive engineers. So, if you are looking for a new challenging job here in the Netherlands, feel free to contact me. What not everyone knows, I have already worked with Sjors before. Namely, my internship at Sjors’s company during my studies. Now I am back at the company and looking forward to expanding the automotive competence within WEB. I live in Eindhoven together with my wife, son and our cat. You can find me on the football field at d’n Brab, the Philips Stadium (PSV Eindhoven), or the padel court when I am not working. Sometimes I throw a dart too. Oh yeah, and always in for a beer!

Mike Koopmanschap

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