You may all call me Tijmen, although people often refer to me as T-dog in office but don’t ask me why. Though T-dog is much more easy to pronounce for our international team of engineers that is working with WEB Eindhoven. I am part of the Sourcing team within WEB Eindhoven. If you are looking for new opportunities, I will be one of the first you need to talk to. In our office I am also available for construction work, IT/Networking and bringing folks together. I like to dive deep in my headhunting. The more unique a profile, the more excited and resolute I get. In my daily tasks, this results in a lot of sourcing and meeting new people, which is one of the things I like about my job a lot. My motto within my profession is to treat people the same as how you would like to be treated. Next to that, I like to help our engineers to get the best out of their careers with advice and coaching from the sidelines. I like to do road cycling in my spare time. Whereby the journey is much more important than the destination, I often just end up at the point I started from. This is also what makes my job at WEB so enjoyable. For me, it is not about ticking a box with placing an engineer at our client. Like cycling, it is about the road I take together with the candidate towards that placement and their new job. In my eyes, a day at the office should contain a lot of smiling and laughing. I am the guy who gets everyone going in the office. My advice: step out of your comfort zone at least once a day. You will be surprised how more comfortable life feels after a while.


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