Hi there! My name is Yael, Field Manager at WEB Eindhoven. It is my job to make sure all our employees feel welcome at WEB, at the client, and in the Netherlands, seeing as most of our employees are expats. I was born and raised in Eindhoven, so I am one of the few real locals left! I can give you all the tips and tricks you need. Next to that, I also make sure that our WEB-ers feel good in their role. This means coaching them and visiting the client’s location for a coffee, but also organizing events and activities. In my personal life, I have one of the most Dutch hobbies ever: playing field hockey. However, since I am mostly injured, I enjoy the third half the most (beers). Furthermore, I like traveling and having drinks / eating food (I don’t like cooking, but I love eating).

Yael Lubbers

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