Nikolaos Liapouris
Nikolaos Liapouris
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Nikolaos Liapouris
Production Engineer

Tell me something about yourself

I’m from Greece, I was born and raised in Athens, and I came to the Netherlands in 2017 after my masters. I already had a job in Greece, but it wasn’t what I expected, I wanted to build my career and have better experiences. I worked at another company before coming to WEB. I joined in June 2023 and now I work as a consultant as a production engineer, but I will be switching over to projects.

What was your experience like coming to WEB?

I was already based in the Netherlands before joining WEB. It was very different. From the beginning, I noticed that there was a very welcoming atmosphere.
Before I joined WEB, I was looking to move away from my previous agency. I was really conscious about this because I was looking at other options and checking what was the best fit for me. Honestly, I wasn’t willing to work for an agency again because of their competition clause. A lot of the time you can’t do what you like. You’re always dependent on your employers and you need to have some agreement if you want to work at a different company. It wasn’t the ideal situation for me. At WEB, they were very open from the first day and that was a very nice approach. I had very clear and transparent conversations with nothing hidden under the carpet.

What made you want to switch from working as a consultant to a project employee?

Right now, I work from our client. As a production engineer, I often have to be at their location in their clean rooms. Most of the meetings are there too where we are in close contact with mechanics and engineers. We check what has to be improved, what work must be completed, which challenges we are facing, and which points need more attention. I wanted to have more flexibility, which is why I decided to switch. When I spoke about this with WEB, they helped me a lot to find another opportunity that would give me the flexibility that I was looking for.

Do you have any expectations?

I’m looking forward to it. The feeling you get at the WEB office from your colleagues is different too, they are nice and friendly. I’ve often come for Friday drinks and it’s nice to meet people from different countries and share your experiences. I think it also helps people who come from abroad to integrate with the community.

What was your experience like as a consultant at WEB?

Once every two months I have a routine meeting with my field manager. We can discuss anything and whenever I share something, they always see if they can do anything to support me, both personally and professionally. If for example, there are some challenges or if I cannot perform well or if the expectations are much higher than what I can do, I can also get help from WEB. They are very supportive. Apart from the catch-up moments, there are also regular drinks and events with WEB employees.

What advice would you give new joiners?

The Friday drinks are great! Also, there is a lot of support to integrate in the Netherlands such as the city tour, integration plan, and help in finding accommodation. It’s a whole package and not every company does this. That’s also why I like what WEB does and their approach. It’s nice to feel this support.

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